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Ravenous Wrist Wraps

56 reviews

When George was in high school he broke both his wrists. After years of training in a gym whether it was CrossFit, Weightlifting, Powerlifting, Gymnastics or Strongman, his wrists continued to fatigue and give pain during training. After becoming a coach he found that many people suffered from the same problem so he designed these wrist wraps to address this issue.

The unique combination of stretch allowing mobility, when needed in workouts and the ability to tighten them to a more firm support when lifting was an advantage over other wrist wraps. The thicker, yet soft material provided unparalleled support in comparison to other thinner wrist wraps. 

MANIMAL Wrist Wraps have a reputation for being one of the most versatile, long lasting and effective wrist wraps available. Read the reviews below.

MANIMAL donates 20% of the proceeds from Ravenous Wrist Wraps sales to Defenders of Wildlife. An organization that provides wildlife preservation in North America. We donate specifically to support the preservation of the Wolf Population in North America. To see why MANIMAL cares about this specific cause watch this video. 

5 out of 5, based on 56 reviews
from Ohio on
These things are awesome. I use them as often as possible. Tons of protection and comfortable. The free t-shirt was awesome too.
from AZ on
I have been having wrist problems while lifting for years now. i had been unable to find a wrist wrap that would offer good support while lifting. i found manimal wrist wraps and decided that the cost would be worth it if it actually worked. i have been using them for 2 weeks now and they work great. i have no more wrist issues.
from Springfield IL on
So i normally never ever review anything, literally will hit remind me later for years on an app that i play every day. But these wrist wraps are by far the best I've seen and i made sure to i logged on and reviewed these. I mean I've even been showing them off at the gym to my friends. I don't have to adjust them after every set because they cut off circulation. The Velcro is stitched on nicely and i won't have to worry about it coming off again like the last pair. The support is absolutely great. They are nice and stiff and for the average bodybuilder or powerlifter they perform very well. These are great, absolutely f****** great. Free t-shirt is pretty cool too. Will reorder again once mine wear out...if they wear out that is.
from Spring Hill Florida on
I am very pleased with the quality of the wraps and the free shirt. I was also very impressed with the company overview and values. I am a veteran and I was happy to see that you support veterans, although I didn't take the time to verify and receive a discount. I was impatient and just wanted to get them on the way so I can use these bad boys. : )
from Fresno Ca on
Just received my wrist wraps and I have to say they are the best I have ever tried on. They feel solid yet comfortable and have enough flexibility in them to use them in various work outs. And the free T shirt fits perfect for athletic build bodys. I am 6'1 215lbs and I'm always stuck between L and XL so I went ahead and put down XL. It fit perfect. I highly recommend these wraps and when you get a free shirt with such high quality you feel like you are winning! Thanks Manimal you have locked in a new customer for sure. I will return for more!
from Arkanaas on
Love em!
from Galveston, TX on
I just received these yesterday in the mail, but I have used them twice now and can say without a doubt that are of superior quality. Extremely satisfied and the only issue I have is I've already run out of free stickers they sent me!
from Clarion pa on
I would recommend these to any new power lifter or a veteran in the sport. And one of the best parts is you get a free shirt! The wraps hold tight and you won't have a slip up with them coming undone. Great wraps!
from Bradford, PA on
The wraps themselves are a 5 star product. However, when you throw in the FREE t-shirt that is honestly one of the best made, and comfortable shirts I've ever worn, it deserves even more stars. Great, great job. Very pleased with my purchase, and I'll be purchasing some more wraps very soon. But not because the ones I have are worn down or anything, but because I love to support amazing companies like this one. Got a promoter/buyer in me for sure. Keep up the awesome work.
from Denver, CO on
I got my ravenous wrist straps today, and I love them. They aren't to thick but not to thin, and the shirt that came with them is pretty comfy. After my workout, I can't find anything wrong with them or any weak points so far. Can't wait to see how long these will last!
from Ripley, Tn on
I seen an ad on Facebook for these awesome looking wrist wraps, so naturally I checked out the website. I was not disappointed at all. I ordered the Ravenous for a test try and they are amazing. I've had people asking me about them and asking where they could get some. I just have wish I would have signed up earlier to get the free t-shirt.. Other than that, no complaints and I will order more!
Response from MANIMAL
May 02, 2016
Hi Chris,

Thanks for your review. We're glad you love the product. However we're confused with your 4 star rating. Was there something you did not like about the Wrist Wraps or was it because you missed the promotion? Shoot us an email at and let us know. Look forward to shipping you more in the future.
from Missouri on
Love these wraps! They offer amazing support!
Great for heavy lifting, handstand and skill work, and if you ever occur minor injuries they act as a good brace.
from Salem OR on
Was looking for wrap that wasn't too stiff or too soft. Just right in the middle. Seems to be well stitched and will prob last a long time it seems. If I ever need another wrap I will buy minimal hands down.
from Texas on
Loved the straps, the quality is great, they provided stability for my wrists and very comfortable. I would recommend them to everyone. The shirt that came free with my order was great also cool design and super soft.
from North Carolina on
Couldn't ask for better wraps. These are my second set, but not because my Manmogram wraps aren't still kicking ass cause they are, I want to share the Manimal Strong life with my brother. My swolemate also uses the Old Glory wraps. They're strong, dependable, and all around help support like they should. Definitely made a difference on my heavy lift days. Forever a Manimal fan.
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