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v2 Power Wrist Wraps

8 reviews

Say hello to the big brother of our Original Wrist Wraps - Power Wrist Wraps!

Power Wrist Wraps were produced for those that want the ability to create a cast eliminating any chance of movement in the wrists while lifting.

They transfer the power you generate to the bar with no deviation and offer the highest support for your wrists so you can train hard and lift heavy everyday.

Train without pain, reduce the risk of injury, recover quicker and push harder to get results faster.

These Wrist Wraps are the combined result of year long testing from our most competitive Weightlifting, Powerlifting and Strongman athletes.

Length: 31.5in / 80cm
Specialty: Lifting Heavy / Max Days / Post Injury
Support: Maximum

MANIMAL donates 20% of the proceeds from V2 Power Wrist Wraps sales to Michael J Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research. A charity organization that is dedicated to finding a cure to Parkinson's Disease, funds aggressive research and provides improved therapies for those living with Parkinson's today.

5 out of 5, based on 8 reviews
from Kentucky on
In 2014 I was in a motorcycle wreck and broke my right wrist. I have had issues with it ever since. It's weaker and has limited mobility. I had worked out some before breaking it but never got very heavy. For the past year I have been working out steady and have had a lot of problems on bench days. My wrist could not support the weight and would tuck further under the bar than I wanted. This made anything over 205 very uncomfortable and sometimes painful to do. So I originally purchased a set of the thin blue line wraps and loved them. But I wanted something a little more solid so I decided to try these out. These wraps are wonderful! I benched 275 this week with no pain in my wrist what so ever. I use these wraps for heavier days now and their regular wraps for lighter days or lifts where I need a little more mobility.
from NV on
Plain and simply the best
from Saint Paul, MN on
These straps are hands down the stiffest, most resilient, comfortable and supportive tool to add to your arsenal.
I have tried them all. If these are the attributes you are seeking, shop no further.
from Odessa, TX on
Best wrist wraps I've ever used and will continue to use. Very satisfied with this product.
from Orange, California on
This is my first set of wrist wraps and I am really imprssed. Due to sports and jobs I have had I have alot of wear on my wrists and these wraps are providing me alot of support.
from Chesapeake Va on
Great wraps, maximum stability and as always a portion of the proceeds benefit a great cause. You can never go wrong. If you're a heavy lifter these wraps are great. You don't have to worry about any loose wrists.
from Woodbridge, Va on
Maintaining wrist stability and tightness is paramount for powerlifting. I think that in comparison to the normal Manimal wraps the support is much greater with these powerlifting wraps. I'm pretty sure you can set a broken bone or tow a trailer with one of these.

These wraps are much stiffer than the standard manimal wraps which is great for pushing heavier weights and maintaining wrist stability. They're also very comfortable and the addition of a larger thumb loop adds to their outstanding quality.

The stitching has performed great under the brutal conditions I have put them through. The powerlifting wraps look and feel the same as the day I removed them from the box.

Overall, I am a big fan of the wraps and I would highly recommend them.
from New York on
Great quality! They're stiff for heavy benching and the Velcro doesn't come undone. Perfect for casting and people who bench in shirts.

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