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Venom Wrist Wraps

14 reviews

When George was in high school he broke both his wrists. After years of training in a gym whether it was CrossFit, weightlifting, power lifting, gymnastics or strongman work his wrist continued to fatigue and give pain during training. He found that many people suffered from the same problem so he designed these wrist wraps to address this issue.

The unique combination of stretch allowing mobility, when needed in workouts, and the ability to tighten them to a more firm support when lifting was an advantage over other wrist wraps. The thicker, yet soft material provided unparalleled support in comparison to other thinner wrist wraps. 

MANIMAL Wrist Wraps have a reputation for being one of the most versatile, long lasting and effective wrist wraps available.

MANIMAL donates 20% of the proceeds from Venom Wrist Wraps sales to Transitions Global. An organization that provides comprehensive restorative aftercare for girls rescued from sex trafficking. To see more about Transitions Global watch this video.

5 out of 5, based on 14 reviews
from Salt Lake City, UT on
I absolutely love my wrist wraps! They are an awesome color and even better is they are so comfortable and offer so much support! I used to experience wrist pain after lifting and since I started using these wraps I've had no pain at all! Hands down best wrist wraps out there!
from Phoenix, AZ on
The best wrist straps I have ever used!! Hands down great quality, great service and quick shipping. The shirt is also an awesome design and far exceeded my expectations! Thanks manimal!
from Lockport, IL on
Recently purchased the venom wrist wraps and I'm glad I did. They give me the right amount of support to get through my workouts. I went with Manimal because I feel they share the same mentality and attitude I've tried to adopt. I expect these to work just as hard as I do in my workouts and see no reason they won't. On top of that they help a great cause.
from PA on
My boyfriend tagged me in a Manimal FB post showing me the wrist wraps so I surprised him and ordered them for him. They arrived very fast and he loves them. They are very good quality and heavy duty but yet comfortable too. The free tee I kept for myself :) But I did let him have the stickers lol
from New Jersey on
The wrist wraps were delivered within 3 days. I love the color. They feel great! I forgot to put my size down for the free shirt. I notified them and they responded immediately and took care of it. I wish this company nothing but the best. Exceptional product and customer service!
from Kentucky on
Great product! Best wraps I've used, comfortable with great support without constricting. Highly recommend. Customer service is on point too! Kept me posted every step of the way.
from Cincinnati on
Great wraps, very high quality, great support, my wrists feel great and my lifts are much more stable. The free shirt is awesome, great fit.
from Basile, La on
The best wrist wraps I've owned yet, the support is phenomenal!
from NY on
Best wraps I have purchased. Great support!
from RVA on
Great wraps, use them all the time. Really help me after a wrist injury a year ago.
from Ohio on
Great wrist wraps, even better customer service!
from San Antonio, TX on
Best wrist wraps I've used.
from Central PA on
I`ve been doing CrossFit for almost two years and have been continuously having issues with my wrists` mobility while doing overhead squats. I tried a couple of different wrist wraps, but they were too thin and did not provide enough support. Then I tried these guys and they have helped me a lot! I love the design and how they support my wrists. I definitely recommend them for CrossFit or weightlifting.
from California on
I LOVE my Manimal wrist wraps. I bought them to help a worthy cause (Transitions Global) and help my bummed wrist with my workouts, but I didn't realize HOW much I would love them! They are an essential part of my workout kit now, whether lifting heavy weights, or using my own body weight to exercise, they're incredible! Highly recommend for support, comfort, durability, and just-all-around hard core-ness. Thanks Manimal!

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