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Ravenous Wrist Wraps

68 reviews

When George was in high school he broke both his wrists. After years of training in a gym whether it was CrossFit, Weightlifting, Powerlifting, Gymnastics or Strongman, his wrists continued to fatigue and give pain during training. After becoming a coach he found that many people suffered from the same problem so he designed these wrist wraps to address this issue.

The unique combination of stretch allowing mobility, when needed in workouts and the ability to tighten them to a more firm support when lifting was an advantage over other wrist wraps. The thicker, yet soft material provided unparalleled support in comparison to other thinner wrist wraps. 

MANIMAL Wrist Wraps have a reputation for being one of the most versatile, long lasting and effective wrist wraps available. Read the reviews below.

MANIMAL donates 20% of the proceeds from Ravenous Wrist Wraps sales to Defenders of Wildlife. An organization that provides wildlife preservation in North America. We donate specifically to support the preservation of the Wolf Population in North America. To see why MANIMAL cares about this specific cause watch this video. 

4.9 out of 5, based on 68 reviews
from NE on
You NEED these wraps plain and simple. I always held back a bit at the gym because I would get wrist pain after going really heavy and now I get the most of my workouts and never get the slightest pain. Try them and you'll be a believer! I'm on my second set of ravenous wraps and I have the 2.0's for the times I decide to dance with the devil. Worth every penny period.
from San Diego, CA on
OK. So I've had these wrist wraps for roughly 4 and a half months, and these are simply amazing. I am a powerlifter and I mainly use these wraps for squats and bench (sometimes for deadlift if my grip is giving out). It keeps your wrists locked in place and gives you a nice tight grip on the bar. All in all, it's an amazing wrist wrap. The reason why I gave it only 4 stars is because the thumb loop is starting to fray, and for some reason, some of the rubber threads/strings that give the wrap its elasticity has started to snap and poke out, and you can notice the strength of the elasticity decreasing. But other than that, these wraps are SOLID. I would highly recommend these wraps to the everyone, from the average gym-goer to the competing powerlifter. 10/10 would buy again.
Response from MANIMAL
Jul 16, 2017
Hi Dale! Thanks for the review! The thumb loop is there just to assist in putting the wraps on, it won't affect the performance of the wraps. Our wrist wraps do wear down depending on how they are taken care of but you should be able to use them for a quite bit longer. A new pair will always feel fresh and provide the best support but we have pairs that have been used for over 5 years and they still do the job. Shoot us an e-mail with some pictures of the thumb loop and we'll send you out another pair. -MANIMAL
from Bismarck, ND on
I am a weightlifter and have been experiencing wrist pain for the past month. Just used these wraps for the first time, and they are well worth the price. I had no wrist pain, and I set a new PR on my C+J!
from WI on
Much stiffer than my previous wrist wraps, which is a good thing. Also, moisture from sweat doesn't cause these to loosen.
from Maryland on
These wraps are awesome! They are strong and supportive without being so tight they hurt or cut off circulation to my hands. Perfect for crossfit workouts!
from Louisiana on
Great product and good quality. Best wraps I've ever used hands down
from Texarkana, USA on
Of all the wraps I've used over the years, these are by far my favorite. The material feels more durable than the other wraps I've used and you don't have to wrap them multiple times around the wrist. With a quality product, i would expect quality Customer Service and Manimal didn't let me down. When I had a question about shipping, they responded quickly and answered all my questions. Look no further for new wraps...Manimal is the way to go!
from WV on
I've had bad wrists and this wrap was the first to actually help. Had no pain at all. The wraps are strong and durable and sturdy.
from Pennsylvania on
I've only had them for a week now but so far I love em! My wrists suck and they provide great support. Definitly worth the money.
from Kane, PA on
I had never tried wrist wraps before these. My wrists had been starting to hurt while lifting. These changed that. Great support for the wrists doing any lift. They are great quality and never come loose. The shirt you get with them is really
Nice too.
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