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Old Glory Wrist Wraps

75 reviews

MANIMAL Wrist Wraps were designed for CrossFit, Weightlifting, Powerlifting and Strongman training and competition.

They will help make you stronger, reduce injury and strain of the wrists, let you train harder, last years of abuse and support charity.

We went through great lengths to find better materials and create a winning design that has been put to use for the past 6 years by thousands.

MANIMAL Wrist Wraps have a reputation for being one of the most versatile, long lasting and effective wrist wraps available. Read the reviews below to see why.

MANIMAL donates 20% of the proceeds from Old Glory Wrist Wraps sales to the Boys and Girls Club of America. An organization that promotes and enhances the development of boys and girls by instilling a sense of competence, usefulness, belonging and influence.

5 out of 5, based on 75 reviews
from CT on
|Age: 27 / 6'1" / 216 lbs.| I've been working out for 13 years now. Currently competing at the NPC level (classic). For years I've used wrist wraps during training. Just recently ordered these to replace my Schiek wrist wraps. I must say it was a great purchase. They're eveything I expected. Moreover, the free shirt (L) fits perfect (fitted) - especially on arm day.
from Georgia on
I bought the product to try it out I gotta say after an leg injury left me out of the gym for almost a month, going back in and using these straps instead of the golds gym ones I had there was a big difference. This is a great product and I will definelty recommend to all my gym rat buds.
from Oklahoma on
Best wrist wraps I have ever used. In my opinion there is no equal. They surpass the competition easily. You are missing out if you don't own a pair.
from Columbus, OH on
I've used these wraps now for my 4-5 lifts. I'm beyond happy with my purchase over choosing the cheap, off brand wraps. The off brand wraps only tend to last 6 months, if you're lucky. These are extremely high quality with the added bonus to show your love for our country! Highly recommend to any lifter, new or experienced!
from Alabama on
Awesome wraps. Good quality material. Love them.
from Illinois on
Great product!!! And the free t-shirt is an awesome bonus!!! Well worth the money!
from plattsburgh ny on
Everything from the color, stiffness, support, delivery time, badass logo, price, and the fact that the free t shirt is actually a legit article of clothing....was ABOVE and BEYOND what i expected. Every lifter needs these wrist wraps. Period. Thank you MANIMAL !
from Florida on
You guys already know how great of a product ya'll make, but I just need to rant about how much I love these wrist wraps.

I used them with my overhead press yesterday and my flat/decline bench today and my right wrist went from constantly aching during heavy lifts to pain free.

Plus the shirt fits perfectly and looks great! Thanks for making a great product!
from Silsbee Texas on
These wraps are a legit and necessary tool for heavy lifting where your wrists are put in positions that cause stress. The main thing I love about them is that they provide excellent support while at the same time maintaining comfortability. They may not be the best wrap for single rep powerlifters, but for any other application I can't imagine them being any better. Another great thing is the style. When I go into the gym I know that no one will have wraps that look as good as mine, unless of course they have manimal products as well. I will definitely order another pair soon!
from Massachusetts on
Been an advid lifter For 30yrs and these are the best straps that I have ever purchased. I am now passing this down to the next generation, my son, and he purchased a set. Thanks for a great product and outstanding customer service.
from TEXAS on
BADASS GEAR! Wraps Shirts and Stickers, Great quality. Manimal answers any questions you may have in a timely professional manner. MANIMAL STRONG!
from Virginia on
I've been working out with these wraps for about 3 months, and I love them! They're holding up great and give great support. High quality and definitely worth the money.
from Minnesota on
Normally I'm a negative person when it comes to ordering stuff online. It seems like what you get is like how McDonald's advertises their food. The pic looks amazing but what you get is some half assed product. That is not the case here. Both the shirt and wraps and made with high quality. Getting the shirt for free I assumed it would be awkward fitting and the graphic would just fade off after a couple washes. Not this shirt. It's soft and durable and now one of my favorite shirts. The wraps are the perfect amount of stiffness. Unlike the stretchy wraps that you have to pull super tight and cut off your circulation for support. And what really spangled my banners here is that they give a military discount and donate 20% to the boys and girls club. Who ever runs this company I'd like to shake their hand and say thank you. There still are some companies out there that are not all about getting rich. They are helping communities and making a damn fine product. To top it off a real person will message you on fb answering any questions you have which I think is great. Lastly if you read through the fb comments how this company handles all the trolls there. They literally have figured out how to insult the trolls and at the same time make the trolls feel good about themselves and end up buying the product. This company hires nothing but professionals and I love it. I promise you won't be disappointed.
from NC on
These wraps are amazing. I've been studying the reviews the past few weeks deciding if I want these or not. I bought the V2 wraps first and got them in a timely manner. The wraps themselves are beyond durable, but way too big for my style of lifting at this time. I sent them to my brother. The shirt included is amazing. I wear a size Large and it fits perfectly. The sleeves are a little tight, but nothing a little bit of stretching won't fix. I ended up buying the Old Glory wraps and they are perfect. Wide enough for stabilizing the wrist, but not too long that the wrap takes 4 wraps to tighten. The shirt, again, amazing. Can't go wrong with these guys. Have already spread the word and will be ordering again!
from Wv on
Love these wraps very comfortable and not too bulky
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