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Old Glory Wrist Wraps

85 reviews

MANIMAL Wrist Wraps were designed for CrossFit, Weightlifting, Powerlifting and Strongman training and competition.

They will help make you stronger, reduce injury and strain of the wrists, let you train harder, last years of abuse and support charity.

We went through great lengths to find better materials and create a winning design that has been put to use for the past 6 years by thousands.

MANIMAL Wrist Wraps have a reputation for being one of the most versatile, long lasting and effective wrist wraps available. Read the reviews below to see why.

MANIMAL donates 20% of the proceeds from Old Glory Wrist Wraps sales to the Boys and Girls Club of America. An organization that promotes and enhances the development of boys and girls by instilling a sense of competence, usefulness, belonging and influence.

5 out of 5, based on 85 reviews
from Ellis, KS on
These straps are awesome! They've helped me feel confident with heavy weight which in the end helps me lift heavier weights! The free shirt and stickers were also dope and the wraps have a great look and feel to them! If you're a serious lifter I'm giving these 10/10! To top it off, Manimal has the best customer service I've ever seen! They updated me with delivery, they answered questions I had, and when I told them they should sell hats they asked me what design they should do! All in all a great company!
from LA on
Best wraps I've owned for sure! Very sturdy and are holding up to the abuse VERY well. Definitely recommend and will be buying more if I ever need some again!
from Ok on
from California on
Amazing quality! The wrist straps are top notch and look badass with the Red, White, and Blue. The free T-shirt is fantastic. Super comfortable material, awesome logo design, and a great fit. Definitely a steal at $35
from Las Vegas, NV on
Great set of wraps, flexible to get on, yet sturdy. They're the best wraps I've ever owned for sure
from Welsh, LA on
I love these wraps they stand out in the gym and love that part of the proceeds go to a charity. I can't wait to order more wraps
from North Las Vegas on
I got these in today and used them. Awesome design and it's cool that each design goes towards a different organization! They are strong, sturdy, and well fitting! Thanks again Manimal!
from Ft. Bragg, NC on
Saw this company randomly on social media, and I'm glad I bit! I ordered wrist wraps to help with wrist pain during snatches and overhead squats. The products came extremely quick, and I got a whole slew of stuff! The t shirt I got is the best t shirt I own. Comfortable, doesn't shrink, and has a badass, simple design. Stickers went right on the fridge. The wraps...incredible. Awesome construction, very durable. I don't experience the wrist pain when going overhead anymore. I love the red white and blue! I may have to order a backup set, but I don't see these breaking down anytime soon. Glad to support a veteran owned business! Great job, Manimals!
from Hawaii on
these wraps has really made a difference in my workouts, especially on my heavy days. I am very happy with this product and it was well worth the money! Now I never enter the gym without them. thanks for such a great product and I will be ordering the V2 power straps soon.
Great Straps, fit amazing, feel amazing, made to last.
from CT on
|Age: 27 / 6'1" / 216 lbs.| I've been working out for 13 years now. Currently competing at the NPC level (classic). For years I've used wrist wraps during training. Just recently ordered these to replace my Schiek wrist wraps. I must say it was a great purchase. They're eveything I expected. Moreover, the free shirt (L) fits perfect (fitted) - especially on arm day.
from Georgia on
I bought the product to try it out I gotta say after an leg injury left me out of the gym for almost a month, going back in and using these straps instead of the golds gym ones I had there was a big difference. This is a great product and I will definelty recommend to all my gym rat buds.
from Oklahoma on
Best wrist wraps I have ever used. In my opinion there is no equal. They surpass the competition easily. You are missing out if you don't own a pair.
from Columbus, OH on
I've used these wraps now for my 4-5 lifts. I'm beyond happy with my purchase over choosing the cheap, off brand wraps. The off brand wraps only tend to last 6 months, if you're lucky. These are extremely high quality with the added bonus to show your love for our country! Highly recommend to any lifter, new or experienced!
from Alabama on
Awesome wraps. Good quality material. Love them.
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