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Ruck Feebok

12 reviews

Somewhere along the way CrossFit forgot who built this community and it became about pushing Reebok products and selling out to the masses. This shirt is all about supporting your affiliate, your box. The owners and coaches that took the risks and put in the time to build this community. Without them, CrossFit would of never grown and Reebok wouldn't of had the opportunity to double their sales and take advantage of our CrossFit. Lesbok Morbox.

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This athletic T is made with an imported premium jersey cotton and polyester mix. Screen printed by hand with eco-friendly inks in a sustainable print shop in the heart of Portland, Oregon.

5 out of 5, based on 12 reviews
from Sarajevo, Bosnia on
As usual Manimal has made a great shirt with the right cut, feel and fit. I have bought Manimal stuff since 2012 and each time I am pleased. Simply put Manimal made a great shirt! Support Manimal, and your local box!
from Northeast on
Great fit and feel.
I wish people would stop buying their stuff and go after the small businesses.
Although there's no definition of Lesbok Morbox on this site, I would like to know the true meaning behind it being I'm still newbie to Crossfit.
Anyways Manimal has my support and I'll keep spreading the word.
from Long Beach Ca on
When I first saw this shirt, I got the meaning right away. I don’t come from the prebok days, but I come from the days of training with old iron in the garage, no fancy equipment, reading magazines and drinking a ton of milk to put on size and strength. So in my eyes the message said the same thing when Global Gyms turned putting hard work into pretty much a night club. The shirt is awesome, feels great and one I love to wear. Manimal never fails to deliver great product.
from England, United Kingdom on
This top is great it's light and soft so doesn't weigh you down or rub during workouts, I ordered an XL being a 46" chest and it's a little big in other places but a couple of washed will sort that out but helps as it's not restrictive, the international delivery was quick and I love the message it brings thanks guys!
from Brasil on
Need to say more? Read The shirt!
from Washington on
I love this shirt. George sent this shirt to me before it was released and anyone who understood or was familiar with the real background of crossfit loved the shirt. I had many "old school" crossfitters ask where they could get this shirt. Anyway love the shirt, fits great. And even more love the cause!!!
from Fresno on
Great shirt! Love it!
from LGB on
I love everything about this shirt: the quality, the feel, and especially the message. It's high quality and the style is tasteful just like all of MANIMAL's clothing. I'll proudly wear this shirt both in the gym and out. RUCK FEEBOK.
from Hawaii on
This shirt is super soft, light, and cut for an athlete. Not to mention that the message speaks for itself: be independent, work hard, and support small business. A medium was a great fit for me (5"10 170#)
from Harlem on
GREAT Shirt!!! Very Important message that needs to be seen as much as possible and understood!!!
from East Sacramento on
Cool shirt and great message. Stay punk rock, keep it real, support small not big business, do not be a sell out. This is a super comfy blend that fits a jacked and tan individual perfectly. I miss the Prebok days, and I say Ruck'em!
from Long Beach CA on
As always I was nothing less than shocked with the high quality of this product. Manimal never leaves me to wonder whether or not my gear will be top quality because it is always the best of the best. The new Ruck Feebok shirt is more than an awesome workout shirt, it is a statement, a statement that manimal will continue to support the roots from where crossfit originated. Manimal continually supports the box owner as small business entrepreneurs. Love the shirt and love the company!

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