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Maltese Wrist Wraps

31 reviews

When George was in high school he broke both his wrists. After years of training in a gym whether it was CrossFit, Weightlifting, Powerlifting, Gymnastics or Strongman work his wrists continued to fatigue and give pain during training. He found that many people suffered from the same problem so he designed these wrist wraps to address this issue.

The unique combination of stretch and firmness allowed mobility, when needed in workouts and the ability to tighten them to a more firm support when lifting. This was a big advantage over other wrist wraps. The thicker, yet soft material also provided unparalleled support in comparison to other thinner wrist wraps. 

MANIMAL Wrist Wraps now have a reputation for being one of the most versatile, long lasting and effective wrist wraps available.

MANIMAL donates 20% of the proceeds from Maltese Wrist Wraps sales to National Fallen Firefighters Foundation. A charity organization that provides many services and programs for injured firefighters, family of fallen firefighters, fire departments and honors the memory of America's fallen fire heroes.

5 out of 5, based on 31 reviews
from Michigan on
These wraps are an absolute game changer for me - couldn't be happier with not only the wraps but I love the t-shirt, the service, and package presentation. These folks do a great job and they offer a top notch product. I referred a friend and he just received his and he might even be happier than I, if that's possible - Haha. Anywho, maybe I'll get a pic with my friend and I and send it in to show our support! Keep up the good work!
Your loyal customer,
Ian R McKay
from Dalton, Georgia on
These straps are thicker than "mava" knee wraps to put into perspective. Most other wrist straps are thin and show signs of wear after a few uses and you have to keep adjusting them. Manimal strapsnare opposite, I wrap them and they stay put throughout my 2 hour workouts. Great support in bench and squat days. Will order some knee wraps when they release the Maltese color scheme because I'm OCD and have to match. Thanks again guys!
Not sure how they afford to give away quality shirts, but I appreciate the free giveaways!
from Wa on
Love these wrist wraps! They give me all the support I need for the heavy lifts I do and the shirt is just a cool bonus
from Charleston South Carolina on
The wrist wraps are amazing, after previously having hand surgery I've been looking for a wrap that offers great support. The wraps manimal offers are solid! Great support, and they look awesome! Also the t shirt and decals added are a great touch!
from Hays, KS on
Love the wraps! Great support on heavier lifts and reverse grip bench. Great quality, fit, and looks great.
from Houston, TX on
Went in for my normal chest day, so a lot of heavy weights mixed between bench press and dumbbells. I have been getting pain in my wrist the heavier I go so figured I would give these a try. First off I love that these guys give back to charities, 2nd...WOW! Wrist pain seems to have vanished. I love the fit and the colors. Everything seems to be of top notch quality! Would definitely recommend to anyone and I would buy again for sure! The free shirt and stickers are a plus too!
from NE on
I really enjpy the wrist wraps. They compare to no other brand. I recommend them highly.
from Senatobia, MS on
These are hands down the best wraps I've ever owned. Awesome support and comfort all in one package! Keep up the great work guys!
from Ft Campbell on
The wrist straps are awesome they work perfect and my wrist feel great I'm also lifting heavier and with out and strain
from Wisconsin on
The wrist wraps are top notch quality. The t-shirt is form fitting, lightweight, and breathable. I would definitely recommend either of the products to anyone who is in the market. I will definitely be doing more business in the future.
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