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What is MANIMAL?

A man or woman driven by single-minded, animal-like determination and will. In any aspect of life if you can train hard with this type of driven focus and discipline you will conquer all obstacles in your path and achieve your goals no matter what adversity or challenge presents itself. That is MANIMAL.

The Word

Lesbok Morbox - Ruck Feebok

February 28, 2014

Months ago we started receiving Cease & Desist letters from "Reebok CrossFit" for using the word CrossFit on our web site's descriptions, on our about us pages etc. We had never used the word CrossFit on any of our clothing, except T's we had designed for CrossFit Affiliates who had the rights to use the Trademark through their license. None the less it was not our agenda to make sales off the word CrossFit. So at first we edited our content on our web site and tried to make sure people understood we were not selling Official CrossFit Clothing. Three emails later from CrossFit's Legal Team we understood that they had no interest in letting us tell our story, the...

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